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IQ WEBSITE is specifically designed for the hotel industry. It offers your customers a quality navigation experience. With a neat design, relevant information and researched ergonomics, IQ WEBSITE improves your direct conversion rate by providing your customers with all the necessary elements for quick decision-making.

IQ Scan

IQ SCAN is the only price comparison tool in the industry capable of displaying in real time all the prices uploaded by the OTAs directly on your website. You can thus show your customers the undeniable proof that your price is the best on the market.


Intuitive, secure and simple to use, IQ BOOKING ENGINE is a new-generation booking engine designed for all properties who wish to significantly boost their direct sales. Thanks to its automated management through data extraction algorithms from the IQ Suite products, IQ BOOKING ENGINE is the tool that takes hotel marketing directly to the level of OTAs.

Definitely the major asset of IQ BOOKING ENGINE. Totally independent of any human action, IQ BOOKING ENGINE's performance is based on 3 algorithms that make it a booking engine of unparalleled power in the industry, namely :

IQ MATCH, which allows an automation that will lead to a consolidation of the data, classifying all offers in a canonical format

IQ MIRROR, which allows the pricing displayed to be automatically fed by rates from each property's main distributors (, Expedia,, Agoda). This way, the hotel’s official website is no longer a secondary distribution channel containing pricing inconsistencies, but is rather transformed into a commercial site displaying the entirety of the offer available, for a distribution collected and classified in an intelligent manner

IQ LIVE, which integrates the spatiotemporal notion into IQ BOOKING ENGINE. The yield management imposes constant changes in rates and availability, which is essential data for marketing. Our technology is equipped with a real-time validation mechanism for price, inventory and added-value components for each customer search. These last 3 are geo-targeted and take into account the device used by the customer. Thus, the hotel’s official website has the best rates with total precision.

Digital Marketing

A 360° solution for hotel managers cannot be complete without a Digital Marketing service. IQ 360 therefore includes marketing campaigns designed to give our customers maximum visibility on booking engines and attract a highly qualified traffic of potential customers to the . Just like our solution, our ads are written in 36 languages in order to reach the largest possible pool of prospects.

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