It is from the idea of giving back the power to hoteliers, who should be masters of their destinies, that Wikhotel360 was born. As a designer of innovative technologies for the tourism industry, our solutions help hoteliers around the world regain control of their business and regain their independence in a context of hegemony of online intermediaries.

Our mission : Equip all hotels regardless of their size and affiliation (major international chains or small independent properties) with the most advanced technology on the market.

We offer a turnkey solution designed for hoteliers to significantly and sustainably increase the turnover generated by their website, as well as many other products that help hoteliers control their distribution, and pricing on a daily basis.

Wikhotel360 offers a "conversion-oriented" website, a powerful fully integrated and connected booking engine, one of the most revolutionary price comparison tools in the industry, and a digital marketing service.

Our solution transforms the hotel's website into an efficient sales vehicle capable of competing with OTAs such as, and Expedia.